Bene-FIT is Sports & Fitness Big data Platform for public health. We create value for data from exercise on blockchain. We provide an exercising user customized health solutions and an ecosystem with healthy rewards for healthy activities. Currently, Bene-FIT is expanding our ecosystem with the launch of the First Global Exercise Content Market called '300kcal'.


TEMCO is the world’s first Bitcoin-based supply chain data platform.

Chromapolis is both a blockchain and a relational database.

Payment Mining - a completely new paradigm of payment

Many blockchain projects have presented a vision of pioneering the payment market through cryptocurrency payments, Cryptocurrency, however, is still difficult to use as a payment method because price volatility is high and affiliates and user are not motivated to participate.

ProBit Exchange is a digital asset exchange that aims to provide the highest level of professional grade features and strongest security for traders.

SPIN Protocol is a decentralized influencer-driven ecommerce ecosystem that directly connects suppliers and influencers.

Orbs is a public blockchain acting as the production layer to complement Ethereum.

URANUS is a ubiquitous sharing platform that aims to be the airbnb and uber for computing resources, enabling computing-power services beyond the conventional public clouds.

Blockcloud is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP that improves and upgrades the existing Internet.

MultiVAC is a high-throughput and flexible blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computation.

The Insureum Protocol uses blockchain to create a decentralized ecosystem that connects insurers, their policyholder, and third parties.

HashFuture is the next-generation blockchain platform for digital asset affirmation and circulation.